Focusing on our biological systems rather than symptoms, Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine offers NHS GPs and interested clinicians from other specialities, a new set of immediately implementable, safe tools which will increase job satisfaction and reduce prescribing costs.

For years we have tried to identify a course that “puts it all together” – not just the science behind lifestyle medicine but more importantly how to apply it with clinical confidence and precision beyond basic dietary and exercise advice, in a typical clinical time frame.  The course is also relevant to clinicians themselves.  We are concerned about the current landscape of healthcare not only for patients but also the wellbeing of clinicians which is just as important to us.

Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine (RCGP accreditation approved) introduces a unique easy-to-use framework that is applicable to NHS GPs using a standard ten-minute appointment system.

Against a backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, never before has the need to affect lifestyle change in patient groups with preventable disease been more prevalent.  As a result, we are now offering the Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine course as an online event for the first time.

Why attend Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine?


RCGP Accreditation Approved

The RCGP Accreditation Quality Mark is an identifiable symbol of quality assurance that associates educational activities with the professionalism, expertise and commitment to the highest possible standards of general practice.

Evidence based training

The course has been developed from the latest available evidence from research, clinical outcomes and patient experience.  There is a wealth of science and clinical intervention being published – we help to translate these findings into useful tips and tools

Reduce follow-ups and medication

By getting to the root cause of the patient’s symptoms, follow-ups and prescription medication can be reduced in the long term.

Increased job satisfaction

100% of our attendees would recommend the course.  Feedback from our previous attendees has shown that the skills learned on the day have increased job satisfaction for many GPs and practices and improved the practitioner-patient relationship.

Created for NHS GPs

Our framework allows GPs to provide lifestyle advice and interventions in ten-minute appointments.

Join our Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine community

We have a thriving online community sharing successes and relevant cases using the PLM framework every day in GP practices.  Once you have completed the course you will access to this valuable resource and an opportunity to be part of this forward thinking GP community.

Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine

"This was a truly inspirational course which brought me hope that I can continue to be a GP for a bit longer despite the current burden on GP's"